Manuela Grazina

September 12, 2023

Manuela Grazina
Assistant Professor - Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal; Researcher, Neurosciences & Cell Biology Centre; Director of the Mitochondrial BioMedicine & Theranostics’ Laboratory


Manuela Grazina has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (2006), specialising in Quality, Biochemistry, Neurosciences, Biochemical Genetics, Human Genetics, Bigenomics and Precision Laboratory Medicine. She is a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra, a Researcher at the Neurosciences and Cell Biology Centre and Director of the Mitochondrial BioMedicine and Theranostics’ Laboratory, which she founded. Manuela Grazina is a Scientific Mentor at the Coimbra Surgical Centre, a full member of the Order of Biologists and is accredited as a trainer by the Pedagogical Council for Continuous Training in Health Sciences. She is an active researcher with many publications, and she has been awarded as “Best Teacher”.

Manuela Grazina is a dynamic science communicator, promoting scientific and health literacy and she firmly believes that education and knowledge are the best indicators for development, for preparing better professionals and for improving the health conditions of the population. She is an advocate of science for all. In May 2023, she has launched a book directed to public in three languages (Portuguese, English and Norwegian) – “Malfunctions of the energy factories”. She considers the scientific dissemination to the Community as a social duty, so she has developed several activities, including lectures/seminars (>150 to date), and participated in several television / radio programs. She has placed her skills in the service of education and in promoting teaching quality, always believing that education base is the best tool and the best indicator for the development and a key factor in the preparation of top professionals.

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