Alexandro Lucian

September 1, 2021

Alexandro Lucian
Consumer, journalist, THR specialist, chief editor of and president of


Alexandro Lucian was a heavy smoker and after several attempts to quit, stopped smoking in 2015 thanks only to vaping. After more than 8 years of research, he is now an independent journalist specialized in Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) in Brazil. He is president of (Directory of Information on Tobacco Harm Reduction), a non-profit, non-governmental association, representing thousands of consumers of vaping products in the country. Alexandro began his story by creating in 2015 a blog named, just to record his experiences, but which in time turned into a multiplatform project and the biggest independent source of information about THR in Brazil, fighting for the rights of millions of consumers and smokers in the country to have access to less harmful alternatives to combustible tobacco.

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